Before We Slide: An Intro to Drift Idiot

My name is Sam Nalven and I know almost nothing about drifting.

I mean to change this. After years of watching Formula D’s top drifters, I finally decided to jump head first into this awesome sport. I spent  years casually looking for the right Nissan 240SX but after not finding the right one and lacking the time, money, and commitment to the sport, I had all but resigned to a life of sticky grip driving in my 02′ Subaru WRX.

A few months ago, I ran into an old friend, Jesse Robles, who just started building his own S13 drift missile. Over a few beers at the bar where he worked, I picked his brain about his car, the sport, and how a person who has no idea what they are doing gets into drifting. First things first – I needed a car.

I adore my WRX.

It has been my daily driver for 8 years. While the engine has always been reliable (it sees redline almost every day and has nearly 200,000!) the transmission has needed to be rebuilt twice. This last rebuild, I researched what it would take to make it RWD. While the conversion was not cost prohibitive, learning, and crashing, my daily driver did not seem like a wise choice.

I had been scouting for 240’s on Craigslist, Autotrader and Ebay with little luck finding anything in the condition I wanted at a price I could afford – then Jesse told me about AZ240SX. The first day on there I found this:

It is a 95′ 240SX base model that the previous owner started building for drifting. It met my criteria of having a stock motor, being (mostly) tastefully modified otherwise, and have a 5-spd. What really sold me on the car is that it already has nearly all of the main suspension components replaced with SPL parts, came with 6 wheels (2 of which have brand spankin’ new Falken Azenis), corbeau buckets, and a welded diff. The interior has already been completely stripped, which is a con for many buyers, but I had planned on doing it anyways so it was a plus for me.

The main bad part about the car is that it had been sitting in storage for the last 6 months – and it showed. This car was loved once, but it became the bastard step-child once the previous owner moved to Miami, AZ.

I have a lot of work ahead of me.

While this site will start out just as a blog for me and my project, I aim to expand it as a resource for drifters of all levels, and specifically those who are wishing to get into the sport.

I have little to no mechanic experience other than watching those who do on occasion. I have few tools, no garage (storing at my mom’s for now), and no RWD driving experience.

What I do have is passion for the sport, a lot of helpful support from friends and family, and an eager desire to take part in this awesome scene.

I can’t wait to experience drifting and to meet all of the awesome people who share my passion.

                    – S